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REST Web-Service API Not working with Large Number of Records for the reporting. Please advise.


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Development environments:-
1) PHP 5.3
2) mySQL
3) Jaspersoft studio (latest)
4) Jasperserver (latest)
and here we have facing some problems and which you could help as following:-
1) Reporting with large number of records
     If the report unit called grn1_1dtparameter.jxml retrieve large number of reocrds from server, we will face the error saying that 'this pdf document might not be displayed correctly' at the broswer.
   What can we do to overcome this problem ?
2) if we change the query of same report grn1_1dtparameter.jxml to limit say 1000 records, everything is working well without the above mentioned error. 
     What can we do to make it working in large number of records?
The following is some coding of how we call the report via REST as following & attached herewith the jrxml file :-
require_once APPPATH . "reports/vendor/autoload.dist.php"; 
header('Content-Type: application/pdf');
$c = new JaspersoftClientClient("http://localhost:8080/jasperserver","jasperadmin","jasperadmin" );
$controls = array(   'coid' => 'TSL',   'trncd' => 'GRN',  'frbthno' => ' ',  'tobthno' => 'ZZZZZ',  'frdt' => $frissdt,  'todt' => $toissdt );
$report = $c->reportService()->runReport('/reports/tsqz/grn1_1dtparameter', 'pdf', null, null, $controls);

echo $report;


The output to firefox browser said 'this pdf document might not be displayed correctly' 

Please advise.

Thank you.





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