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cascading input control with single select query

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i have a table named accounts which has two columns as shipping_address_country and shipping_address_city. 

so i made two parameters named:- country and city (both have data type as string). 

now i have two input controls. the first input control is named country which selects countries from the table accounts. 

the query is select shipping_address_country from accounts

the second input control is named city and its query is select shipping_address_city from accounts where $X{EQUALS,shipping_address_country,country}


 i want to populate country on the first control and then its city accordingly on the second control.

for now i get error that says No clause function for id EQUALS found.

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using EQUAL actually worked. but the problem now i am facing is that i need to deselect already selected value on city

input control. like say:- if i have selected usa as country it populates new york. it is fine till here. now i select uk as country

then the city value selected is still new york and i have to choose deselect(---) first then only i can change value to london on second input control. i want to change value to london automatically if i choose country as uk. thanks 



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