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Select Values from multiple Date Periods


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Hi, i have a tricky Problem:

When i execute the Report, i select a start and end date for the total Period.

Then i have a third Input Parameter, where i can choose between 1-4.

If i choose 1, the report should display all values of the period which are between 0-6 am (compared to one Database - Column).

if i choose 2, the report should display all values of the period which are between 6-12, ...


I've already created a external Jar which calculates all "small" periods.

My Jar returns a List<java.sql.Timestamp> of all start Timestamps of every day in given total period into a java.util.collections parameter in Jaspersoft.

The same for End Timesteps.

This works great so far. (ListStart.get(0) is the start of the first "small" period and ListEnd.get(0) is the equivalent End Timestamp).


Now i've tried to use the $X{Between, Column, PARAMETER LIST START, PARAMETER LIST END} in the SQL Query

But i've got following error:

"? < Column > ?"

That means, that $X BETWEEN has Problems with this Collection Solution.


At Moment i don't have another Idea.

Does anyone knows a solution?


Thanks in Advance

Master Lowry

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