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I never used Jasper Report and I need to know if it's the correct product for my needs.

I'm developing an application that manage many informations about our research centers. I can have about 10-20 attributs tables with, for exemple, studies, laboratories, used standars, type of organisation, type of study, people, etc.

My users can filter this data with many text questions, some booleans, but also 5-10 listbox as parameters.

I think to develop the data entry with Oracle Apex (and the Jasper report is free with the contract), but my DB is hosted in the cloud and not in a local network.

Can I have problems with performance?

I don't think to have a lot of data, actually the database is in two Access application with 5 MB of data. 

Thanks for the help.


PS: Jasper studio is free?

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There will be network latency. Maximum performance issues are because of slow database. Make sure that your database is having keys

which are defined. Having a dedicated data warehouse in star schema or snwoflake schema will definitely help in making sure that you gete

xcellent performance.  since you have only 5MB data I dont think there will be any performance issues. You can get in touch with me at nikhilesh@Helicaltech.com for any further question.

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