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I am not able find the option to edit the Dashboard's dashlet when I opened in Editor.

Ram Ayanavilli

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Hello everyone,


Recently I installed Jasper Server 6.3.0 Pro version on my Local michine and stared to practicing on it.  And I created a Dahboards with several dabases. But When I am trying to open the Dashboard report in  Desiger "Open in Desginer" mode I am not able to find the"Edit"  option on Dashlet. But I am able to Edit the given Dashboard examples with Jasper Server installation. Would you any one please help me with this issue.





Thank You,


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I'm not sure I understand your workflow.  You create a dashboard in JasperReports Server 6.3 using dashlets, then download the JRXML to iReport?  iReport is pretty old at this poiint and is no longer being developed.  And dashboards have been redesigned since iReport was last updated.  So there's no reason you should be able to edit a 6.3 dashboard using iReport.

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I think you didn't understand my question .. I am doing job on iReport 3.7.6 however I want upgrade my self in Jasper reports. Please look into the following images.


The above one is created by me. When I right click on Dashlet there is no option to edit.

But in given exaples of jasper server dahboards I can edit the dashlets as shown below.....


TThannk You,


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