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PDF looks different on Windows and Unix

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By: tom1301 - tom1301

PDF looks different on Windows and Unix

2005-07-29 07:17

Hello there,


we are using jasperreports 0.6.7 to render PDF Documents.

While the PDFs are looking fine when run on Windows with Tomcat (where they are developed), when they are created on Websphere AppServer on Unix there are some text fields cut off or possibly wrapped, e.g. "1234" instead of "12345".

Within the jrxmls we were using pdfFontName="Helvetica" and "Helvetica-Bold". Due to the problems we experienced we changed that to use "arial.ttf" and "arialbd.ttf"-files as described in the Thread "PDF Font problem" (http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?thread_id=1317328&forum_id=113530).

But the problem remained the same.

Any Idea? Is it possible that the ttf-files were not used by jasperreports when calculating the text sizes, perhaps instead some local Unix font? Analyzing the PDF Document with Acrobat 5 showed us that the ttf-fonts were indeed embedded within that PDF.


Thank you.





By: Mihir Parekh - mihirparekh

RE: PDF looks different on Windows and Unix

2005-09-11 23:14

We are also facing the same problem.


Any idea which method/class is used for caculating the text sizes?









By: kardec13 - kardec13

RE: PDF looks different on Windows and Unix

2005-09-14 07:04

In the attribute pdfFontName put the name of the font that you are using (for example: arial.ttf) and put the directory where the font are in your application server classpath. Try to use the same font to fontName and pdfFontName.


Allan Kardec

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