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Jasper Report treelike structure


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I have a structure like this:

Category 1 - Name

Category 2 - Name

Category 3 - Name

Ingredient 1 - Price

Ingredient 2 - Price

Category 3 - Total Value

Category 2 - Total Value

Category 1 - Total Value


How I defined it, it doesn't print Category 1 - Name and Category 1 - Total Value, because I can't figure out how to print in a recursive manner.


In my jrxml I ahve defined 4 fields for the categories: category_name, category_value, imbricated_category_name and imbricated_category_value.

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In this case you should use data grouping. Create a group for each category type, each group having header and footer. Print the category name in group header, and use report variables to print total values in group footers.

More information about data grouping is available here.



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