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6.2.0 version export to excel


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Find the viewReportBeans.xml file at below location and comment out the unncessary export options



<util:map id="exporterConfigMap">

        <!-- comment/uncomment any of the lines below if you want related exporters

                 to be excluded/included in the viewer's exporters list

                 Note: separate configuration for iPad 'exportersSupportedByiPad'



        <entry key="pdf" value-ref="pdfExporterConfiguration"/>

        <entry key="csv" value-ref="csvExporterConfiguration"/>

        <entry key="rtf" value-ref="rtfExporterConfiguration"/>

        <entry key="xlsx" value-ref="xlsxExporterConfiguration"/>

        <entry key="xlsxNoPag" value-ref="xlsxNoPaginationExporterConfiguration"/>


                                <entry key="xls" value-ref="xlsExporterConfiguration"/>

                                <entry key="xlsNoPag" value-ref="xlsNoPaginationExporterConfiguration"/>

                                <entry key="docx" value-ref="docxExporterConfiguration"/>

                                <entry key="odt" value-ref="odtExporterConfiguration"/>

                                <entry key="ods" value-ref="odsExporterConfiguration"/>

                                <entry key="pptx" value-ref="pptxExporterConfiguration"/>

                                <entry key="txt" value-ref="txtExporterConfiguration"/>





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