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Crosstab : "Blank if null" not works with a total average


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I have a problem with details values of crosstab, which I want blank if null.

I checked the corresponding option (blank if null) and, at this point, no problem.

But when I set the total as an average calculation, relative null values were replaced  with 0 instead of blank.

In my case, this is a real problem for understanding this report !

How could I have a blank value in this case ?

Thanks for your response

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You can realize incrementer on java which return null (or your own specific object in terms of java) instead zero


There are few information about realization of such classes in internet and documentation
And this way not for newbies imho

I guess you have choose the easier way. For example you can calculate count not null values on column (row?) of crosstab and hide sum variable if this count = 0
see here http://www.stackoverflow.com/questions/23473887/count-number-of-rows-where-a-field-is-a-specific-value/23491357


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For example, this is my crosstab :

Type 1amount3null364
Type 2amount500null250750500

The data row with "average" as total calculation is print with 0 instead blank for null values :

Type 1amount30364
 variation  03 
 percentage  0%100% 
Type 2amount5000250750500
 variation  -250500 
 percentage  -50%200% 

If the average is print with 0 for a row with blank value only, it's ok.

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