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How do I draw a horizontal line?


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What would be the best practice in drawing a horizontal line on an existing chart? Would love to avoid having to create a multi-axis chart as I need to do this for a ton of graphs. Basically I just want to have a few thresholds defined that show if my data is anywhere near hitting that threshold.

So for example CPU usage I want to have a line that exists at 90 (or 90%) which would indicate to the reviewer that perhaps cpu should be upgraded on this particular server if the values were near or above that threshold..

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If you're using JFreeCharts, you can write a chart customizer.  The JFreeChart setting is described in a couple of places:



Chart customizers require you to write a little Java and then apply it to your report.

Here's an example of a simple customizer & how to add it:


and some more info on customizers:


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