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Problem running compiled Jasper report

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By: AMV8 - amv8

Problem running compiled Jasper report

2005-09-07 07:49

Report has been compiled in V 0.5. We then use in an OpenReports application on browser (IE6). Report runs fine in iReports but when run in Openreports we get message:

'Error creating report: Error executing SQL statement for report :'

Same report ran fine in older versions of iReports/OpenReports but fails when recompiled in latest version.

We have other reports with very similar SQL queries that run with no problem after being recompiled and SQL runs fine if we run it on its own in SQL Server. We have also tried removing all parameters and hardcoding values into report but still does not run in Browser.

Does anyone have same experience or idea as to what problem may be?






By: AMV8 - amv8

RE: Problem running compiled Jasper report

2005-09-08 03:46

We have done some experimentation and it appears that the latest version (we are using 0.9.0) of Openreports has trouble in handling Declared Variables that rely on their own SQL statement to set them. Removing the declared variable and using the SQL to set the variable within the body of the main SQL statement works fine- very time consuming and makes SQL complicated to read though.

Strange that it works in older versions of Openreports but not 0.9.0?

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