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JasperReports without JDK

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By: Michael A - michael_bk

JasperReports without JDK

2005-09-07 07:33

Hi all,


is it possible to view reports without having a javac compiler installed on system? My development environment has a compiler, but customer side has only a JRE.


I can't a find a way to get .jasper .jrxml files displayed without javac compiler.


Am I missing something?




Please note: Data fill should be dynamic on customer side, of course. i can not create a pdf or xml file in development environment and display this one.





By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: JasperReports without JDK

2005-09-07 07:41




First of all, make sure that you really need to compile

report templates at runtime.

If you are only working with statice report template,

deploying the .jasper files with the application should

be enough.


If you really need to create dynamic report templates

and compile them at runtime, then you should copy

the supplyed jdt-compiler.jar into your application


Since JR 0.6.4, the JDT-based report compiler is the

default one, so with that JAR in the classpath, no JDK

installation is needed.

The JDT compiler is up to 10 times faster and easier

to use.


I hope this helps.







By: Michael A - michael_bk

RE: JasperReports without JDK

2005-09-07 07:59

Hi Teodor,


I have added jdt-compiler.jar to my classpath...

Many thanks for the fast response!




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