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JSON field dosen't seems to show up


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I'm trying to use the WebService plugin. I could set up the datasource without problems but when I edit the query I can't load the fields from the response. I can see that the request is going in my REST controller (spring) but the fields never show up for me to select. Trying the request in my web browser displays the json.

I couldn't make a simpler test:

public class TestJson {       private final long testId;    private final String testContent;       public TestJson(long testId, String testContent) {        this.testId = testId;        this.testContent = testContent;    }    public long getTestId() {        return testId;    }    public String getTestContent() {        return testContent;    }}[/code]
@RequestMapping(value = "/test2", produces = MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON_UTF8_VALUE)    public TestJson testREST2(@RequestParam String test ) {           return new TestJson(1, "Test");    }[/code]

When I call the URL with my browser I get a normal resposne :



EEDIT : This problem is related to this bug report : http://community.jaspersoft.com/jaspersoft-studio/issues/8791

Please fix or update the addon, it is impressively usefull when it works :)

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