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Problem with Date type

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By: finzic - finzic

Problem with Date type

2005-09-06 13:25

Hi all,

I am experiencing serious problems with the simple Date type.

I create a Date textfield in a *.jrxml report.

My custom data source adapts my DB field in order to pass a Date in the getFieldValure() method. Since it is not possible to create a Date object by passing it day, month and year in the constructor, I create a Calendar object, set day month and year in it and then convert it to a Date object.


PROBLEM: the Date object is always 1 month later than the original date, so I cannot show it in the report as a date.


Any suggestions?






By: Dejan Nikolic - decky

RE: Problem with Date type

2005-09-07 00:29

This is not realy JasperReports problem. If you check Calendar class, you will find JANUARY constant which have value 0. This means that if you need to set September as a month you will have to put 8; not 9.

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