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IMAGE_MAP alternative?

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By: Tom Eugelink - tbee

IMAGE_MAP alternative?

2005-08-07 05:27

I understand the reverse logic of IMAGES_MAP: let the JasperReport engine read the actual images, put them in a map, store the map in the session and let an image servlet access that map to return the binaries. All good, however:


1. I do not want binary data in my session.

2. This approach is not very multirequest friendly (what is a second report is also constructed within the same session).


Is there another way to have JR request for images?


I do have an ImageServlet that can get images on demand (e.g. "http://..../...&image=logo.gif"), but JasperReport generates temporarily image names (img_1) instead of using the names in the design, so I have no idea which image is which.






By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: IMAGE_MAP alternative?

2005-08-09 12:42




Have you tried the isLazy option available for images.

It might work for you if the images are already available

at some URL and are only needed when the HTML

gets displayed in the browser.


I hope this helps.







By: Tom Eugelink - tbee

RE: IMAGE_MAP alternative?

2005-08-09 13:01

No. And I can't seem to find much documentation onm that option either. I will need to investigate further.





By: Bob Withers - bwit

RE: IMAGE_MAP alternative?

2005-08-09 08:17

This is part of the problem I was trying to address with the following post but there didn't seem to be any interest in this approach:








By: Tom Eugelink - tbee

RE: IMAGE_MAP alternative?

2005-08-09 13:03

Indeed your fixes to the 0.6 version would solve my problem, and I think it is a very viable solution. It amazes me noone was interested.


Although I have not studied the isLazy option yet, so maybe there already is a workaround.





By: Bob Withers - bwit

RE: IMAGE_MAP alternative?

2005-08-11 10:02

The isLazy option does preserve the image name so maybe it will work for you. The problem I had with it was that it does not prefix any supplied imageURL prefix to the image name.









By: Tom Eugelink - tbee

RE: IMAGE_MAP alternative?

2005-08-27 05:53

Yes, isLazy works, but it indeed does not prefix with anything. Therefore it conflicts with the images I need within the regular HTML pages.

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