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conditional detail line

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By: bludginozzie - bludginozzie

conditional detail line

2005-08-24 20:03

I have been trying to get a report to produce a second conditional detail line and have had no success. I have outlined a sample of the detail section of my report below and it all seems pretty easy, with the exception of the special "On Backorder" line. I want this line to appear only for those items that are on backorder, however I cannot figure out how to do this. If I define the height of the detail to include this line then all detail lines appear this high regardsless of wether the item is on back order or not. I have a report field that can be used in a printWhenCondition, but I don't undersand how to implement this. For example



<![CDATA[ $F{backorderId} > 0 ? Boolean.TRUE : Boolean.FALSE ]]>




| XX01 This is product description 2 $2.99 $5.98

| AB21 This is product description 1 $1.98 $1.98

| CD32 This is product description 1 $8.50 $8.50

| Z21A This is product description 2 $0.50 $1.00

+------> On Backorder. Expected delivery date 29 Aug 2005

| YC43 This is product description 2 $2.99 $5.98

| TMG1 This is product description 4 $0.75 $3.00

| PJED This is product description 1 $2.99 $2.99



Does anyone know if this possible in jasper reports and if so how?

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