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By: John Augusto Charnet - jcharnet


2005-08-11 11:55

Imagine I have a page footer band with a 100 pixels height.

If I use the printWhenExpression to only show the band on the first page, on all the other pages will the space of the page footer band (100 pixels) be present ?



Thanks a lot.






By: Yippie - yippie

RE: printWhenExpression

2005-08-11 13:38


I have a similar printWhen.. situation but with a pageHeader where I only want the header to print on the first page. The printWhenExpression works wonderfuly and the pageHeader band is only printed on the first page. Subsequent pages do not have the pageHeader or the space reserved for the header displayed/printed.


Hope this helps.






By: jorge - sirion_oef

RE: printWhenExpression

2005-08-11 15:19

to yippie:


you could try to use reportheader instead of just one pageheader



to jcharnet:


if you have information that is presented only in the first page try puting that in reportheader.


if that information uses calculations based in the data (i guess this could be the reason for puting it in the page footer), why just for the data of the first page? try change your design


if you display only the first pagefooter there is no problem with the other pages, printwhen expresion doesn't put white spaces in the section if you set it to false; instead it doesn't print the section, like if it not to be present





By: John Augusto Charnet - jcharnet

RE: printWhenExpression

2005-08-15 07:16

Sorry for taking so long to reply.

I need this information on the page footer, because the data needs to be at the final of the first page. So I cannot put it in a ReportHeader band.


I'm doing some tests, and my results are telling me that jasper keeps the band height even when the printWhenExpression is set to false.

Do a simple test.

Create a report and put a large dataset in it (large enough so that it fits in more than 2 pages).

On the detail of the master report, put a subreport.

This subreport can have only a static field in the report title band.

Then make the page footer band of the master report large (say 150 px). Run the report.

Notice that the detail prints and stops printing when the page footer is supossed to print, but it's blank because the page footer's printwhenexpression is new Boolean(false).


Am I doing something wrong ?


Thanks a lot.







By: C-Box - c-box

RE: printWhenExpression

2005-08-15 23:04

Try to set the "RemoveLineWhenBlank" to true and post if that works.








By: John Augusto Charnet - jcharnet

RE: printWhenExpression

2005-08-16 04:38

I've set "RemoveLineWhenBlank" on my textfield that is present in the page footer band. Is that your idea ? If so, I had the same problem.


Still trying, if anyone has any new ideas please let me know


Thanks a lot.






By: Harlequin - di0hank

RE: printWhenExpression

2005-08-19 03:02

All footers have fixed size , using printWhenExprerssions won't help removing the blank space they sometimes cause. I'm guessing that the reason for this is that because you cannot predict how large the detail band and other bands with variables size are. So the size of the footer are always reserved for the footers sort of. I'm sorry that this isn't more helpful.

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