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ETL- JDBCOutput error


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Hi all! 

I have trouble with my JDBC job. I am trying to create job using JDBC items. Job runs fine until it reachs tJDBCOutput. When I run it, system warns me about erors: pstmt_tJDBCOutput_1 cannot be resolved/ cannot be resolved to a variable respectively.  

When I click continue the job will fail with exception: 

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problems: 
pstmt_tJDBCOutput_1 cannot be resolved
pstmt_tJDBCOutput_1 cannot be resolved to a variable
pstmt_tJDBCOutput_1 cannot be resolved
at local_project.jdbcjob_0_1.JDBCJOB.tJDBCInput_1Process(JDBCJOB.java:980)
at local_project.jdbcjob_0_1.JDBCJOB.tJDBCConnection_1Process(JDBCJOB.java:726)
at local_project.jdbcjob_0_1.JDBCJOB.runJobInTOS(JDBCJOB.java:4198)
at local_project.jdbcjob_0_1.JDBCJOB.main(JDBCJOB.java:3983)
Error in the component's properties:pstmt_tJDBCOutput_1 cannot be resolved
pstmt_tJDBCOutput_1 cannot be resolved to a variable
Do you have any ideas, what could cause this error?
Thank you very much
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