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object drag and drop doesn't work in 1.2.4


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Hi all. I have iReport 1.2.4 with the jasperserver plugin. I have the JasperIntelligence package installed and working on a Linux server. I can't seem to add objects from the server to a report in iReport. For instance, I've added image to the server, drag and drop to a report results in nothing.



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More on this:


If I add an image to a sub folder, such as 'Images', it appears in the jasper server plugin as an icon of a gear. If I add the image inside a report unit folder, it appears as an icon of an image. I can drag and drop the image icon into the report, but it still doesn't compile, complaining that:


net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRException: Image not found : repo:/RT/Test/logo


Is "repo:/RT/Test/logo" the correct way to call an image from the server repository?

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