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Simplest possible csv report?

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By: David Brady - luxmatic

Simplest possible csv report?

2004-02-23 12:09


I'm evaluating the use of JasperReports and need to do two things with it - one of which is to prepare csv output for external consumption.


Given a query, how can I design a report which outputs a simple csv file? By simple, I mean:


no page breaks

a single column header

each row is in a single line

data in the columns is not truncated


The current .xml I've created seems overly complicated - so I'd love to see an example which meets those requirements from those who know their way around...


BTW - I've searched the forum and looked at the samples provided. (Including the NoPageBreakReport.)








By: David Brady - luxmatic

RE: Simplest possible csv report?

2004-02-24 09:00


Anyone help with this?







By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Simplest possible csv report?

2004-02-24 11:20




I would not use JasperReports just to produce

a simple CSV file.

JasperReports is for generating complex documents,

with rich formatting.

Simple CSV files can be produced using simple code

that iterates through a ResultSet.


It's just too much overhead if you use JasperReports

for that.


I hope this helps.







By: David Brady - luxmatic

RE: Simplest possible csv report?

2004-02-24 14:25


I'm aware of the strengths of JasperReports, but...


I'm planning on using 'Open Reports', which meets the vast majority of my requirements for offering reports to users. (Authentication, scheduling, parameter prompting, etc.) Most of the reports I'll offer are of the pretty variety, but there are a couple which must be output in csv format. I'd hate to do the csv stuff (and the management around it) separately.


So - I'd still love an answer to my question. I'm completely willing to live with the overhead considering the other things I can accomplish.







By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Simplest possible csv report?

2004-02-25 13:10




To potimize the CSV output you have to consider

this recommendation:




You have to produce a tamplate that is similar to the

"nopagebreak" sample. In this sample there are also

some export options that help achieving the effect.


I hope this helps.




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