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Error loading object - Subreports with Tomcat

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By: Allister Miller - theallister

Error loading object - Subreports with Tomcat

2004-02-23 07:56



When I attempt to use a subreport within Tomcat, using the subreport name eg "test.jasper" I get


Error loading object from URL : jar:file:C:/Tomcat4/common/lib/subreport.jar!/test.jasper


The error message includes the location of the jar that contains my subreport jasper file suggesting that the file has been located


I get a similar message when I use a disk path or a URL to indicate the subreport file.


I have had no problems referencing fonts and graphics within jars


The subreport functions correctly when run by iReports with the subreport in a jar in the common/lib directory.


I have checked that the subreport name is not duplicated anywhere else within the Tomcat classpath.


Any advice would be appreciated!







By: Allister Miller - theallister

Solution found...

2004-02-24 06:18

I have just noticed that my copy of iReport was using jasperreports-0.5.0.jar and Tomcat was using jasperreports-0.5.1.jar


Problem solved


: o )

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