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Cluster Environments

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By: Jatan Rajvanshi - jatanr

Cluster Environments

2005-08-09 14:23



Has anyone deployed Jasper Reports in a clustered application server environment? I am curious to know how the jrxml and jasper files are stored in such a case. Since a cluster has multiple machines, it is very difficult to have local copies of these files, and even more difficult to keep them updated if there is any change in one. Lets just consider that the report designs will be precompiled. In such a case, has anyone tried to stored the corresponding JasperReport objects in a database and retrieved them whenever a user asks for the report? Just wondering if this is a viable approach, because storing the jasper designs in the database means they will be in one place.







By: C-Box - c-box

RE: Cluster Environments

2005-08-09 23:11



we don't use a cluster environment, but we do use JBoss as application-server and we do store our designs(jrxml) and compiles (jasper) in database. Works like a charm and we don't have any file-system dependency (also if we do change the jasper-reports version... the JDT-compiler can recompile it within some milliseconds.)




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