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JasperFillManager.fillReport() taking time


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I am new jasper report.

I have started working in in Jasper just few week back.


In our project we need to generate report for nearly 80K rows at a stretch.

Few detail about project

App Server : JBoss 4.0

DB server : MySQL

Japser Version : 1.2


In order to address such huge data report generation I have taken few steps as follows


Using custom datasource instead of using JRDatasource which takes resultset as input and keep calling mysql once after each resultset fetchsize limit.

By using custom datasource i m passing pre-populated 80K rows data in form of arraylist to datasource.to avoid more database hits.

I am passing this data source in

JasperFillManager.fillReport(report, params, dataSource);

At 2nd step to handle such huge data i am using

JRFileVirtualizer to speed up report generation.


After doing all this to support huge data its taking almost 2hrs to generate report and which almost double than session time which we should not increase .:(


I was digging through my code as well as jasper source to find out which api exactly taking so long time, I found that fillDetail() most of the time.

fillReport() is taking almost 1hrs 45mins out of 2hrs



As I know Japer is being used for many huge data report generation.So am i missing something in using Jasper report in optimal way.


Please give me your suggestion on how can I make such huge data report generation more optimal and faster.


Let me know your experiacne if at all some time anybody come across such situation and what steps did

he/she followed to get optimal solutions.

Early reply is highly appriceated



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