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batch print mode not respected in exporter

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By: William Baker - wlbaker

batch print mode not respected in exporter

2006-07-11 07:04


Somewhere between JRGraphics2DExporter and JRPrintServiceExporter, the batch printing indicated by JASPER_PRINT_LIST is being lost. Only the first report in the batch is printed.


The JRPrintServiceExport should allow the printer to be selected once, then all the jobs in the print batch should be directed to that printer.


I looked at it in some depth and believe the problem is exclusively in the JRPrintServiceExport class. I suspect it is a 5-10 line fix, but I'm unsure about several aspects, including how the page range support should be handled. For my purposes, page range support is not an issue. I don't have a patch.




By: William Baker - wlbaker

RE: batch print mode not respected in exporte

2006-07-11 12:59

Not exactly a patch, but this is was an improvement, without respecting the page numbers very well.


In JRPrintServiceExporter, add two class variables:


int documentIndex = 0;

int relativePageIndex = 0;


In the print() routine, change the end-of-document check to:


setRelativePageIndex( pageIndex );

pageIndex = relativePageIndex;


if ( pageIndex < 0 ) {

return Printable.NO_SUCH_PAGE;







And add the following method to this class:


private void setRelativePageIndex(

int absolutePageIndex ) {

relativePageIndex = -1;

documentIndex = 0;


do {

jasperPrint = (JasperPrint)



int docPages = jasperPrint.getPages().size();


if( absolutePageIndex < docPages ) {

relativePageIndex = absolutePageIndex;




absolutePageIndex -= docPages;


} while( documentIndex < jasperPrintList.size() ) ;





// QED




By: Kimberly - kletco

RE: batch print mode not respected in exporte

2006-07-21 11:07

I am having this exact same issue. Are there plans to fix this soon?

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