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returning current row count of subreport

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By: slowfinger - slowfinger

returning current row count of subreport

2006-03-28 21:59



I have following situation ...

My report output shows a 1 to n relationship for that case it has an subreport which contains another subreport. Now the first subreport should display a line number of the current dataset which was printed by the child subreport.


How I can do that ? Any suggestions ?

Thanks in forward.




By: Daren O - rckrll106

RE: returning current row count of subreport

2006-03-29 07:10

There is a way in jasper reports to return variables from a subreport and store them into a variable in the main report. It is in the jasper reports guide, section 12.3


I have to admit it hasn't worked well for me.


I found it easier to create a HashMap in the main report, pass it to the subreport as a subreport parameter. The subreport can store values in the map which you can use in your main. I use this if I want to return totals but you could return the row count as well.


Hope this helps.

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