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unable to load .jasper subreport in unix

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By: Subhashini Sekar - ss161213

unable to load .jasper subreport in unix

2006-03-29 06:45

We are using jasper for generate reports.

we have created jrxml via iReport.


We have written a servlet which will create the report on the fly.


My application is working fine when i run it in Windows environment. we are using oracle app server. But the same thing is not workin with Unix.


it says unable to load <xxxx.jasper> in the following method call.


JasperFillManager.fillReport(report, parameters,conn);


one more query is the xml created by iReport is in UTF-8 format how can i convert that into UTF-16 format



By: Daren O - rckrll106

RE: unable to load .jasper subreport in unix

2006-03-29 07:05

First, I'm assuming you've compiled the jrxml and the jasper is in a directory on your unix machine.


I'm also assuming your passing the file name to the fillReport call?


If so, my initial thought is to check your file path.


I use a system property set to the jasper report directory. On our unix machines we change the system property to point to the correct location.


Hope this helps.

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