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reference xml data

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By: slowfinger - slowfinger

reference xml data

2006-03-18 15:34

Hi all,


My report data are xml data so I used JRXmlData.


The data structure is as follows:









<VorgBearbTs> 2006-03-14 15:09:50.171686 </VorgBearbTs>






<Text> some text</Text>


<BearbeitungTs> 2006-03-14 15:09:50.171686 </BearbeitungTs>








The root XML Path is:




I want to reference some of "StandardberichtProblemVO" elements and than all "StandardberichtBSMassnahmeVO" elements per "StandardberichtBSAnalyseVO" which is referenced by the relation of StandardberichtBSMassnahmeVO/VorgBearbTs->StandardberichtBSAnalyseVO/BearbeitungTs

How I can do that. I tried a lot but nothing works. So I tried:


Masterreport with :



and subreport data source expression:




and in that subreport with


dataSource("/Problemwurzel/StandardberichtProblemVO/Bearbeitungsschritte/StandardberichtBSAnalyseVO[bearbeitungTs=" + $FmassnahmeVorgBearbTs + &quot]") to output the analyse bemerkung.


Who can help I really frustrated to realize this.


Thanks in forward


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