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Group by sheet no pagination


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Hello everyone, Jaspersoft, what a nice product, i'm glad to register myself on this community place.

i work on jaspersoft studio 6.0.3 and on ireport 5.6.0

I work on a report and i have a question about excel export.

I would like to create a report and export it on excel.

My report is about customers with country display.

I would like to creat one sheet per country with no pagination because.

Today, i use this : net.sf.jasperreports.export.xls.one.page.per.sheet.

but, there is pagination, so i dont have 1 group by sheet, but many sheet per group. i would rather have the first case.

So can we use a property, a method whatever, to extract on excel and have every page of group on 1 SHEET or just ignore the pagination ?

I looked for on many mate's post, i didn't success

like thoose :

thanks all of you for comment =)

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