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By: Daren O - rckrll106

Look and feel

2006-03-07 07:54

Is there a way to apply a look and feel? Like using a property file or css?


I know there is Style Text. I haven't worked much with it to be honest.


Some companies might have different color schemes and I don't want to create custom templates for each company.


Any ideas?

Thanks in Advance.



By: Doug Berkland - berkland

RE: Look and feel

2006-03-07 08:38

When I first saw "styles" on the new feature list, I was hoping it was something like CSS style sheets that would allow you to completely change the look like you are asking. Reality however falls short of that. It's just a new name for report fonts, with additional properties for colors and borders. It's a step in the right direction, but with how feature rich CSS is, it will take a while for JasperReports to come close to it.



By: Daren O - rckrll106

RE: Look and feel

2006-03-07 08:56

I wonder if there is there a way to set a style using a parameter? or externally?

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