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CrossTab Report - How to create this type of report


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Firstly drop crosstab element in summary band,,

And then select row group ,,first one location field and second customer field that fetch from database,,,

and then coloum group ,,put date field and at last select measure your amount field and thats expression sum and then add a row group that field name "measures" and set class of the field string and total position none and bucket expression fetch from query,,

its looking like this and after this some padding ,,,,and finally report looking like this image ,,,Create Carefully its working that u like the format of report,,and delete another band without title,,,,because if u want something write in ur report so use title,,1(124).thumb.png.e7ac1b468d3a54086150b84ab1567d7a.png2(80).thumb.png.c5a2c8c098b41e3c692cbb33820931b1.png3(53).thumb.png.484660c65da965fef57d3d3f2bfe759d.png4(44).thumb.png.8e006f89eb5a0553ac943bb881817cad.png5(40).thumb.png.75035674c165e139fa3836899346ede8.png

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thank you Tarun, I will follow your steps one by one.

but one question please! can't i add the measures fields as a static? i mean ( revenue, quantity and margin) to be a static, since the query will give the sum and count as numbers. how i can add the name of column in crosstab?

i hope you understand what i mean.

thank you again

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