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JasperServer 6.1 HaProxy


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Hi all

I'm trying to configure a linux server with haproxy to use two windows instances of jasper report (6.1) but I cannot login

in http://haproxyip:8080/jasperserver/login.html because jasper server send me on login page again.

The proxy configuration is quite simple

frontend jasperreport
     bind *:8080
     mode http
     reqadd X-Forwarded-Proto: http
     acl url_jasper path_beg     /jasperserver
     use_backend jasperreport-backend  if url_jasper
     default_backend jasperreport-backend
backend jasperreport-backend
     cookie server insert
     balance roundrobin
     option persist
     option redispatch
     option httpchk
     option forwardfor except
     server jasper_1 weight 10 maxconn 512 check cookie SERVER_1
     server jasper_2 weight 10 maxconn 512 check cookie SERVER_2
Could you help me to resolve the problem?
Thanks in advance


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