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Jasper and Version

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By: roberto71 - roberto71

Jasper and Version

2004-11-24 23:29

It's possible to retrieve using api the jasper version ?


I haven't find the version in any source file..


I'm building a application that use jasper as runtime engine and i would like to show in the about screen the version of japser.


Thank You





By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Jasper and Version

2005-07-20 00:48




What you need is explained here:



I hope this helps.


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The link points to obsolete JasperReports pages on sourceforge.net.


I'll quote here Teodor's response:


I have added to the meta-inf/Manifest.mf file inside
the distributed JAR, the JasperReports version information.

You'll be able to retrieve the version of the currently
JasperReports library like this:


See the root build.xml file in the CVS repository for details.

Thank you,




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