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Help with groupExpressions

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By: Ed Shnekendorf - eshneken

Help with groupExpressions

2005-07-14 11:57



I am a new jasper user and am trying to build several reports that work off the same data.


My data looks something (simplified for this post) like this:


source region provider sales

---------- -------- ----- -----------------------

abc north acme 10

abc south foobar 15

abc west smith 12

xyz north foobar 11

xyz south acme 22

xyz west smith 04

ddl north smith 11

ddl south acme 45




I want to create several reports -- one summing up sales at a source level, one at a region level, and one at a provider level.


i got the source report working fine -- just created a group with a group expression of




i thought I could do the same thing with region but the report breaks every time the regions recycle with source changes -- if i want to sum up all region data on a single line for each region across all sources, what is the proper way to structure the JRXML?


Thanks in advance for any ideas....




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