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How to know group footer is printed ?

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By: Raymond Aribawono - r_aribawono

How to know group footer is printed ?

2005-07-14 05:00

Hi everyone,


I have a problem here: I need to print something in the column footer only if a specific Group footer is already printed. So basically, when the group is finished, there will be some summary values in the column footer in that same page.


What I have done:

1. Create a Boolean variable:

<variable name="invoiceGroupIsFinished" class="java.lang.Boolean" resetType="Report" calculation="System">

<initialValueExpression><![CDATA[new java.lang.Boolean(false)]]></initialValueExpression>



2. Create a Scriptlet method to change the value of the variable to True. This method returns the value of the variable.


3. Put an invisible line in the GroupFooter, and execute this method.


4. Set "Print when expression" of the column footer band based on this variable.


Here is the problem:

- When the method was executed by the invisible line, the effect is not directly in the same page.

- In the column footer still see the "old" value, but in the next page this variable's value is changed.

- I know this, because I print the value of the variable in all the band. Just to see when will it changed.


Anyway, my goal is to print the column footer only if a specific group footer is also printed in the same page.


If anybody knows a solution for the problem, it would be very good.


Many thanks before,


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