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Help JasperReports!!!!!!

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By: inmadgm - inmadgm

Help JasperReports!!!!!!

2005-06-20 01:49


I need to create a report with the data of the result of a SQL statement, to export it and to print it. I have seen that jasperreports creates reports.

What is what I must install to me? How can I create reports?





By: Chetan - someone_genius

RE: Help JasperReports!!!!!!

2005-06-20 02:09

First download the JasperReports.


See the API/Documents/Sample Code.





By: inmadgm - inmadgm

RE: Help JasperReports!!!!!!

2005-06-20 02:24

Download jasperreports-0.6.8-applet.jar?

Download jasperreports-0.6.8.jar?

Download jasperreports-0.6.8-project.zip?






By: Chetan - someone_genius

RE: Help JasperReports!!!!!!

2005-06-20 03:17

Download jasperreports-0.6.8-project.zip it has all. Unzip it and than diploay ..jasperreports-0.6.6demosampleswebapp folder in your server.


Run the demo application.







By: Horoxxx - horoxxx

RE: Help JasperReports!!!!!!

2005-06-20 06:47

you must primary have java installed on your computer, and correctly configured paths :)





By: inmadgm - inmadgm

RE: Help JasperReports!!!!!!

2005-06-20 09:21

I have Jbuilder and java version 1.4.2_07-b07 ;)


How do I run the demo application?





By: C-Box - c-box

RE: Help JasperReports!!!!!!

2005-06-20 13:15

uhhh guy... if you are using JBuilder you should be able starting the demos without the forum....!?!?! Anyway... if you have installed "apache ant" correctly you change into the demo folder you want to start... there you will find a "build.xml" where several ant-tasks are provided... each ant-task is defined in the corresponding "xxxxapp.java" (e.g. DataSourceApp.java)... so to run for instance the datasource-sample you change into the folder "demosamplesdatasource" and call "ant view" in the command line... if apache-ant is installed properly you will see a JasperViewer some seconds later showing the filled report.... so just look in the "XXXXXXapp.java" and take a look what the several task are doing....


If this is not enough there are surely lots of samples within this forum.... just make a "search" for sample-code.

But actually the demos are doing the same.








By: inmadgm - inmadgm

RE: Help JasperReports!!!!!!

2005-06-21 23:32

Apache ant? what's that?





By: C-Box - c-box

RE: Help JasperReports!!!!!!

2005-06-21 23:53

*no comment*









By: inmadgm - inmadgm

RE: Help JasperReports!!!!!!

2005-06-21 23:44

I have seen the code of the archives .java that come in samples, and have added the libraries of JasperRerport to my project.

The question is:

I have put the following thing:


//Pasamos parametros al reporte Jasper.

Map parameters = new HashMap();

parameters.put("sql_query", new String("select * from F_DEPOT"));


//Preparacion del reporte (en esta etapa se inserta el valor del query en el reporte).

Acceder_BBDD conec=new Acceder_BBDD();

Connection conex=conec.getConnectionSegura(Listados_Tecsa.

mgf.dame_Contenido_Este_Fichero("confBD.txt"), "<Administrador>",


JasperPrint reporte = JasperFillManager.fillReport("C:\Documents and Settings\Innova Telecom\Mis documentos\SRC\Propios\Listados Tecsa\MiReport.jasper", parameters,conex);


//Finalmente visualizamos el reporte.




But is opened to me to a window "The document there are not pages", and it does not show any data to me in the window "Jasper View".

What do I need?







By: C-Box - c-box

RE: Help JasperReports!!!!!!

2005-06-22 00:00

What is your query defined in the report (jrxml)


should be something like "$!P{sql_query}" when it's passed as parameter...


check this and if there is another problem post your design here...








By: Piyush - piyushrules

RE: Help JasperReports!!!!!!

2005-07-14 02:51


One more thing that i noticed in your code that you have posted here. where did you get the .jasper file from ? Nowhere in your code, have you mentioned where you are compiling the code.




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