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How to Map Two Different SubData sets for Two Different Charts

Ravi Kumar

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Hi Every one,

i am trying to desing a Report using IReport Designer,  when i  created Two Data sets for two diffent charts it only reads main Data set Report(Table Report)

and is there any Specific place for charts in Designer Window ?

Report looks like following 


Can any one Please Help to do this Report

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I use subreports for diferent datasets.

Build a report with the tabular dataset.

Build a report for the pi chart and one for the bar chart.

Add these two chart reports as subreports to the summary section or the report footer of the tabular report.

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Thanks, hetzand

I followed your approach its working fine, but when i deploy the Main JRXML file into Jasper Server it gives me an error

"Parameter DATABASE_TIMEZONE does not exist"

followed by i made some changes in in my main Report.


finally it runs in Jasper server As well.

Thanks for your Sugession.


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