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Kurdish text changes after PDF export


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I'm working with JasperStudio v6.1.0 and trying to create reports that have Kurdish text. 

I'm not Kurdish and my Kurdish linguistic knowledge is minor but I'll try to explain the problem:

The text in the Preview is correct but in the exported PDF the text becomes different.

To be more precise, some characters, like ێ are in the Preview written differently, which is OK, but in exported PDF look like that if written alone and look different when are part of a word. 

The text is in static text control like this:

<font fontName="Arial" size="14"/>

The font settings are:


 For default.pdf.encoding also tryed with Identity-H but without success.

Arial font obtained from the Windows 8.1 PC is embedded in the ...fonts.jar.

Any thoughts?


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Assume font extension has been setup in a proper manner 



Let's try


with tag

<font fontName="Airal" pdfFontName="Arial" pdfEncoding="Identity-H" isPdfEmbedded="true"  size="14" />

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If locale problem , i think u should first convert all kurd into UTF-8 (sure if locale are not supported in java , may got a problem to convert it via java)

some ref


or just simply

String utf8Str = new String(str.getBytes("UTF-8"),"UTF-8");

If it can be converted into UTf-8 encoding, i think should be displayed in a proper manner if those glyph is available


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The text is already UTF-8 and the exported PDF contains all characters but some information needed for proper displaying is missing.

I made this experiment:

Copy not correctly displayed word from the Jasper PDF and paste it in to MS Word.

There it is displayed correctly. 

Then save the Word doc as PDF. Text is also correct.

So, my conclusion that iText exporter is a problem.

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