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Text Field Number Format

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By: Chris - cjsturgess

Text Field Number Format

2005-07-11 07:22

Hey all,

In my reports, if the number value is 0, I would like to display a dash (-) instead of 0 or 0.0. I saw in the tips and tricks section that you can overlay two text boxes, displaying one text box (the dash) when the value is 0, and the other in any other case. I've tried this and it's very unwieldy when dealing with 70 or so text boxes.

Is there a way to dynamically change the value class for a text field? What number formatter does JasperReports use? Is it the Number Format java class? Is there something similar to Excel where you can enter a pattern for a zero value as well as positive and negative values?

I've looked at extending the source code, but I can't find where the pattern is actually applied to the text. If I can make my own custom number formatter, it would make my life a whole lot easier. Thanks for any help in advance.


- Chris





By: C-Box - c-box

RE: Text Field Number Format

2005-07-11 07:38

look here... it's quite the same question isn't it? :-)










By: Chris - cjsturgess

RE: Text Field Number Format

2005-07-11 07:46

Thanks C-Box, that will work perfectly.

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Sorry to resucitate an old thread but the suggested link does not work. I am wondering how did you resolve this issue? Excel formatting allows for more options than Jasper as far as I can tell.

Thanks in advance,


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