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number of copies

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By: Code_Slave - code_slave

number of copies

2005-07-07 14:49


I want to print multiple copies of a report, without pulling up a printer dialog.

currently i have:


if (getJobparams("PrintReport").equals("True")) { //get the current job param were working on


PrinterJob currentJob = PrinterJob.getPrinterJob();

PrintService[] services = PrinterJob.lookupPrintServices(); // this get's a list of printers



if (getJobparams("PrintUsingColour").equals("True")) {

} else {

//it's black & white



PrintService currentPrinter = services[0];



int jobcount = 0;

String aa = (((String) getJobparams("NumberOfCopies")));


i have traced the code to here and aa is set to "2"

if (aa.equals("")) {

aa = "1";

} else {

jobcount = Integer.parseInt(aa);


//jobcount is set to 2 here, but only 1 copy is printed!!



//print to local printer!!

JasperPrintManager.printReport(jpPrint, false);



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