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Truncating report

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By: Luc Feys - telenko

Truncating report

2005-07-05 01:40



version 0.6.8 contains a REPORT_MAX_COUNT parameter which would be exactly what I need to limit the returned results in my reports. The only problem is that I don't know how to find out if my report has been truncated or not. I would like to inform my users of the report truncation, so they can adjust their filtering criteria as necessary.


Any suggestions on how I might achieve this or where I could find information about the number of processed/returned results?


Thanks a lot.








By: Udo Rader - daudo

RE: Truncating report

2005-07-05 02:27

REPORT_COUNT with eval time "report" should do it, if I recall it correctly.





By: Luc Feys - telenko

RE: Truncating report

2005-07-05 05:28

Udo, thank you for your answer. But how can I retrieve the value of the system variable REPORT_COUNT in code outside of my report?


My code generating the report is as follows:


ResultSet results = ...

JasperPrint report = aReportDef.fill(results);


Now after the preceding code, I want to know if my report has been truncated.


Something like

if (report.getReportCount() > REPORT_MAX_COUNT) then ...


Can this be done by using the 'report' object or can I store that value somewhere using a scriptlet so I can retrieve it later?


Thanks a lot.



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