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REPORT_SCRIPTLET class references not found

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By: Peter van Raamsdonk - peetzer

REPORT_SCRIPTLET class references not found

2005-07-01 03:51


I have the following situation:


I have assigned my own class to the Report Scriplet in a parameter.

e.g in iReport:

Parameter name:






Default value expression:



This parameter-function is used from my field-sources to call a certain method from the assigned class.



This used to work in JasperReports 0.6.1 but in 0.6.8 I only get null values in my report.



When I hard-code the class, the function works as normal:





Is this a bug or do I need some additional code to make this work again...









By: C-Box - c-box

RE: REPORT_SCRIPTLET class references not fou

2005-07-01 04:00

You must define your class "com.myfunc.HelloWorld" as report import (in IReport: definde import directives) .... then it should work without casting.


just a guess






By: Peter van Raamsdonk - peetzer

external class instance method call bug.

2005-07-04 05:29

We did that but, when the function from that class is called the outcome doesn't appear in the report or appear as 'null', the strangest thing is that there is no error generated.

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