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Conditional report values


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Hi all, 

I hope you can help me. Let me explain this bug as well as I can:
1)I have a report sorted by parameters, the primary is the "Owner", the table looks like:



As you can see, there's a "Pool" owner, this owner comes because this condition in Text Field:


2)Clicking any value, they will pass to another report, with some parameters associated to each "Ticket (Creation date, due date, name of owner, description...) This report works perfectly except  when I try to drilldown this "Pool" Owner, when I drilldown it, the reports with details is returning all the repository, I mean, all the "tickets" associated to any owner, and what I want to see is all the "unassigned tickets", which could have the owner name as empty or null or white space...

I have a condition in the Dataset Table report parameter like: 

($P{Owner}==null || $P{Owner}.equals(""))?new String(""): ""OpnPrps.CurAgtNme":""+$P{Owner}+"","

I'm thinking that maybe the problem is the initial condition $P{Owner}==null || $P{Owner}.equals(""), and this equals("") is not getting correctly all the values but I'm not sure. 

Thanks & kind regards.



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Ok, I will try....

I have the table from Image 1, And when I click in "Pool" value, itdrilldown many details in other table, this drilldown is sorted by this Owner, however, when Pool (Pool means all the null/empty values), the reports is being sorted by any data (all the inventory) but I want to sort them with Owner == null. 

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