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mailnotification in Job class


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Hi All,

I have downloaded the latest v2 jrs-rest-php-client-master.zip file and started using it. But while going through the Job class I found that its constructor is not setting the $mailNotification object in the constructor. The code is as mentioned below:

    /**     * Mail notification settings     * @var MailNotification     */    public $mailNotification;    public function __construct($label = null, $trigger = null, $source = null, $baseOutputFilename = null,                                $outputFormats = null, $repositoryDestination = null)    {        $this->label = $label;        $this->trigger = $trigger;        $this->source = $source;        $this->baseOutputFilename = $baseOutputFilename;        $this->outputFormats = $outputFormats;        $this->repositoryDestination = $repositoryDestination;    }[/code]

This might cause problem for users who want to set up mailnotification while scheduling reports/jobs. Could anyone let me know if it is indeed missing to update the mailNotification object or is intended to work as it is ?






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