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AWS connection confused from Jaspersoft Studio


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I have created a data source to an Azure SQL server in AWS using my superuser account. Let's call this one "DataSource1"

Once done, I noticed it was created in the JDBC folder above the Organizations folder.  When I try to deploy a report from Jaspersoft Studio, the data source is not available to pick in the list. I understand now that it's unavailable to "Organization_1". So I recreated again in the Organization's DataSource folder ("DataSource2") using the same JDBC driver available in the pick list.

When I now try to deploy my report from Jaspersoft Studio and this time, I point to DataSource2 which is the only available to me and I get this error:

You may not access resources which do not belong to your organization. Path /jdbc/com_microsoft_sqlserver_jdbc_SQLServerDriver/DataSource1 is not visible in organization context Multitenancy context: organization organization_1

I am very confused on why it is referring to datasource1 when I chose Datasource2 for the data source in my deployment process.

Anybody can point me in the right direction?



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Never mind, I had brought confusion to myself.

In a previous attempt to solve, I had moved the report without a connection to any datasource. Then went to the server and connected it to the DataSource1.

It seems like the following attempts to deploy the report was remembering that value and was not revising the information with the latest selection.

To solve, I went to the server, changed the connection to DataSource2 and now everybody is happy.

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