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red rectangle instead of barcode

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By: T Elisabeth Schmitz - netbeans

red rectangle instead of barcode

2005-06-13 10:25



I am using Barbecue 1.0.6b in conjunction with JasperReports 0.6.4 to print barcode labels using Code128.


The reports can be exported fine to PDF on Windows.


However, there is a bizarre problem with the PDF files on Linux: Instead of the barcode, a red rectangle appears when viewed with "GNOME PDF Viewer" (gpdf). Other PDF applications on the same Linux machine show the barcode as it should be. More crucially, when printing the PDF file (via lpr), a red rectangle is printed with the barcode right through it. The red rectangle occupies exactly the space that the Jasper graphics element assumes, which is used to render the Barbecue barcode.


The same thing happens when printing the sample Barbecue report (PDF) which is shipped with JasperReports. Coincidentally, this example also uses Code128.


Has anyone else come across this phenomenon?



Debian Linux 3.1

Gnome 2.8

VM: Blackdown 1.4.2


Kind Regards,

Tarlika Elisabeth Schmitz


PS: I originally posted this question on jasperreports-questions@lists.sourceforge.net, but I have the impression that the mailing list other than this forum here hardly gets any traffic.

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