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JasperViewer - how to show the input controls


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I have following code snippet:

ResourceDescriptor rd = new ResourceDescriptor();                rd.setWsType(ResourceDescriptor.TYPE_REPORTUNIT);                rd.setUriString(reportData.reporturi);                jasperPrint = server.getWSClient().runReport(rd,                        reportData.params);                // Vorschau anzeigen                if (reportData.preview!=false)                {                    // isExitOnClose = wenn die Vorschau geschlossen wird, dann wird die                    // Anwendung beendet (JVM geschlossen)                    JasperViewer.viewReport(jasperPrint, false);                }[/code]

I open a report from my JasperReport Server. If the reports have no paramters, they work fine.

Now I want to open a report with input controls.

But i have not found via google a working sample that show the paramters-dialog and then run the report. How can I do it?

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