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Jasper viewer help-

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By: raf78 - raffeo

Jasper viewer help-

2005-03-23 06:43


Sorry for my English.

I have a problem with Jasper Viewer.

I have a jdialog and when i click on a button i need load

a report.

I do this with this code.

JRDataSource jrds = new JRResultSetDataSource(risultato2);


JasperCompileManager.compileReportToFile(xmlFileName, jasperFileName);

java.util.HashMap map = new java.util.HashMap();

map.put("MyParam",new Integer( 100 ) );


JasperPrint print=null;

JasperReport report =JasperManager.loadReport(jasperFileName);


print = JasperFillManager.fillReport(report ,map,jrds);




The problem is that when jasperviewer is open i can't

click and do anithing on it because is like not enable.

Can you help me?






By: Howard - htreisman

RE: Jasper viewer help-

2005-06-13 02:10

I've had the same problem. I think it's something to do with JasperViewer.viewReport() creating a frame.


The workaround is to create a JRViewer (which subclasses JPanel), and embed that inside a JDialog. Make sure you instantiate the JDialog as modal, and with your existing dialog as the parent.


Good luck!

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