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Very Slow Publishing with Jasperstudio


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Hi arlaudpierre,

I forgot to say that I publish my report on a server  via VPN. However, when I publish the report on the same server with iReport the action is very quickly. 

This are my steps when I publish a report with Jasperstudio:

- I push the button "Publish on Jasperserver"

- I choose where publish my report 

- I click on the next button and it try to find the resources, it goes in the "not responding" mode and takes long time to publish the report.

Could be the cause of this issue that I installed on my pc iReport 5.5.0, iReport 5.6.0, Jasperstudio 5.6.0,5.6.1, 5.6.2 and jasperserver?

Now for me Jasperstudio is a very handicap because I have to publish many reports...





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Hi, we experience exactly the same behavior. Publishing reports takes up to minutes. It takes very long to display dialog with resource-selection to publish on server. When running from command-line, log is full of theese messages:

net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRException: Input stream not found at: i18n_xx_YY.properties.

where i18n is name of our .properties file with translations and xx_YY are all possible locales in system (which we do not use).

Is it possible to disable this auto-discovery of resources and upload just edited jrxml file? That's all we need..


Pavel Brych

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Hi Pavel,

I found a workaround to publish the jrxml file directly without resources. You have to go on Jasperserver and find the specific jrxml file:

1. click-right and select "Properties"

2. select "File report" tab

3. Select and load your report from your workspace

This way take only few seconds!!

I hope this can help you, 



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