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Unpredictable Page Behaviour in JasperSoft Studio

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Hi all.

I can't figure out how JasperSoft Studio is deciding to split my reports into pages. When I first start up JasperSoft Studio and run one of my reprots which contains various fields and subreports, the preview tab displays it to me on one longer-than-normal page. Then I will change NOTHING, go back to the same report a few minutes later, hit "Run the report" again and now the preview has split it onto two pages.

This is a problem for me because when I am deploying these reports in my webapp, which uses the Jasper library, it seems to be only ever printing the report on this one long page, instead of starting a new page when the end of the normal-sized (801 px?) page is reached. This is causing me a big headache as I have a border around my report, which normally surrounds al lthe data nicely, but when it does this one long page thing the border is only the size of the regular page and the data prints right through the bottom of it and underneath it.

Why is this happening? I thought Jasper detected the end of the page and created a new one accordingly. Do I accidentally have a setting on which is telling it to make it one giant page? If so, why would JasperSoft Studio be changing the report to two pages (or more) when I haven't changed anything in the report at all?

My end goal here is to have my reports displaying correctly in my webapp. But I need to know what is going on with the pagination in JasperSoft Studio to be able to design a report effectively.


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