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Google maps http/https link problem from a different machine


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I am using a jasperserver dashboard on linux. Dashboard contains a google map as well. I can also access that machine on windows using its web link.

The problem is since map comes up with an http link, the browser blocks it..I also need it to be https link.

Can you help me with that?


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For google maps displayed using the maps component of JasperReports / JasperServer, you can use the text editor of your choice to change all occurances of http://maps.google.com/maps/api to https://maps-api-ssl.google.com/maps/api in the three files named maps.js, jasperreportsmap.js, and MapElementHtmlTemplate.vm that can be found in the folder path net/sf/jasperreports/components/map/resources in the main jasperreports jar file.

That's the file in the WEB-INF/lib folder of JasperServer named something like jasperreports-5.5.0.jar.

If you are using the default map marker icons on your map, you may still get a warning message in your browser about unencrypted elements such as images, because of the references in these same files to the marker icon files at the non-SSL url that begins with http://chart.apis.google.com .

I'm not sure what the proper https location for those marker files should be - but if you figure it out, please post the proper URL here.

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